Chihyang Hsu


It was a peculiar year. In the middle of the pandemic, I flew back to my hometown from the United States for a short period. Taiwan is located exactly on the other side of the earth, so I developed a brutal schedule with overnight online classes. Jumping between the time zones of New York and Taipei, an unfamiliar self emerged.

It was a peculiar year. I took more self-portraits than ever—not because I loved it, but because I had no choice. By making decisions based on a subject I did not usually appreciate, an unfamiliar self emerged. I aspire to understand the person in my photographs. I wonder what connects the images beyond my body.

These photographs were made in Montana, New York, Taipei, Taitung, Taoyuan, or on the road to somewhere. Moving from dot to dot, I was captured in a state of in-between, a state of becoming.