Joseph Rafferty


Standing at the intersection of crescendo and incremental change, infected with the virus I altered my life to avoid, my foulness is nauseating, full of regret, shame, and isolation.

My body becomes a hermitage: small, remote, distant. My agonizing walk becomes a spiritual journey. I begin to follow where my mind drifts.

MOMENT by MOMENT explores the importance of painful experiences in the transformation of one's life for realization of growth. Extreme exhaustion, chronic pain, and discomfort have a way of slowing things down. The body becomes an ashram, sitting with one's perceptions, forcing only the breath, and noticing the subtle happenings of the world.

The foundation for all medicine is botany; healing is earth. Lying in the grass, breathing in the tree's exhalation, grounding is nature. Looking into the sky's darkening gradation into space, recognizing my humble yet priceless place in the universe, these interconnections give moments meaning.

Moments offer strength in the awareness of fragility, a perspective of the transcendent among biological chaos.