Madeline Carr-Harris

Solar Tides

Solar Tides was created through a meditation on the human experience and the otherworldly influence of ancient natural elements. It is a project born from the liberating understanding that we are small and seek clarity from a vast and timeless universe full of intrinsic power. I was inspired to create work that examined the constant relationship of the moon, sun, and tides and how the cyclical codependency of these elements paralleled our own lives. While exploring this unending force, I became fascinated by the idea of seeking spiritual calibration by setting intentions based on the lunar cycle, developing a personal rhythm to reinforce my inner strength and connection with the natural world.

I sought to integrate this inner exploration into my practice, creating images that reflected the enduring rhythm of these elements on my environment. Using a crystal ball, I concentrated the energy of the sun onto found printed materials and aerial images of my natural surroundings, burning through one vista to create a portal to the next. Layering these images onto each other and visually manipulating them through the use of a scanner, I abstracted the focus of the image to underscore the strength and beauty of these elements.