Maria Giulia Trombini

My Name Is Nico—A Love Story

“I’m a guy. A guy with and a guy without. I don’t need to be anything else. I only need to be able to be Nico. Nico with what he has got, and Nico with what he has not. I don’t want to be different. Everyone lives trying to make something out of what they have been given and trying to fill the void of what they were left without. Let me do that too. I’d like you to stop trying to find a name for what I feel and what I am. But if you must, use mine: Nico.”

Italy ranks 35th out of 49 European countries in regard to LGBTQ+ rights, according to data provided by Rainbow Europe. Nico is thin as a matchstick and elastic as a tree leaf. He bites his nails so much that he leaves marks, and he is always writing in his diary. His laugh is reminiscent of Peter Pan's. My Name Is Nico intimately tells his story—following his transition and the challenges he faces every day—as it revolves around the concepts of identity, self-awareness, and acceptance.