Maria Sarafi


For my series Freefall, I photographed places of silence and solitude to escape reality and create my own universe, falling into the unknown towards self-discovery.

I started this game as a child when I was trying to cut out the voices of my parents. I would read a book and cover my ears or watch a film and increase the volume to block out any external interference, and I would begin to dissociate from reality. Before long, this dissociative state would happen unconsciously. My parents would call, but I wouldn’t hear them anymore. At that moment, I was living in a universe of my own creation.

As an adult, I still have my hideaways: museums and nature. Surrounded by beauty, death, and decay, I can create my mythical universe again. And then there is my home, carrying my traces and memories in this world. I blend my physical and emotional experiences in these places with my way of seeing, imagining, and feeling in order to create visual stories combined with sounds about life and death, fear and pain, love, and the beginning and end of existence.