Shateek Mitchell

She Is the Sun

She Is the Sun documents the two most important people in my life: my mother, Sharmaine, and my girlfriend, Melissa. Before the pandemic, I never spoke much to my mother via phone. I had always preferred to see her in person. Not being able to see my mother whenever I wanted was challenging and forced me to become a more communicative and appreciative son. The pandemic also intensified my relationship with Melissa with each passing day.

The pandemic has affected women more than men, economically and emotionally. According to the US Department of Labor, as of January 2021 more than half of the jobs lost during the pandemic were jobs that women held. Women are the first to lose their jobs and are also expected to maintain the home (if they are lucky enough to work from home). Photographing through the sunny and cloudy days of the past six months, She Is the Sun honors the two rays of light in my life.